Testimonials from our past students and parents.

“Our son did maths grinds with Ronan and his team.  Could not recommend them enough.  Cian made great improvements in his maths.  The Naas Study Hub is very central to all schools.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.  We’ll be back for the leaving cert.”  

Parent testimonial 2020

I attended Naas Study Hub for study in 6th year and it was an extremely fun and pleasant experience.  The atmosphere in the study room was always very welcoming with smiles all around from the students and supervisors.  

The supervisors were always there to help with any problem there may have been even if it was a question you were stuck on in a subject they would always try their best to help and were always up for a chat whenever you needed one.  

In addition to this, there was also a grinds room for whoever seeked grinds at a small cost each week and was extremely handy as I would pop in and out  from grinds to study which was only a door away and the teachers were amazing.  

In the building there was also a small kitchen with all kitchen appliances which was great for storing dinners and snacks that needed to be refrigerated, heated up in the microwave or even if you just needed to make a cup of tea or coffee to get you through the school work you had to do.  Another great thing about Naas study hub is that study runs for 4 hours from 4:30- 8:30 but after each hour you get a 10 minute break.  This 10 minute break was always so good as you had a few minutes to eat or to chat to your friends, I always found that after this 10 minute break I was always much more concentrated on my work and got a lot more done. Whereas in school study it’s normally just 2 hours straight of studying which I myself would not have stayed concentrated for.  

You also don’t have to start at exactly 4:30 you can sign into the study hall during any of the 10 minute breaks which was always great for me as I did a lot of after school activities so I could sign in late or leave early if I needed to.  

Overall I would 100% recommend Naas study hub to anyone who’s looking for a place to study. You have your own desk where you have lots of room to do your own work, amazing supervisors who are so friendly and kind, amazing facilities within in the building, breaks throughout your study sessions and flexible study hours to suit everyone and is located in the centre of Naas town.  

Student testimonial 2020