Rules and Regulations for Supervised Study

  • Absolutely No Talking during study.
  • Mobile phones permitted for study purposes only.
  • Students must sign themselves in and out of study every day.
  • Students are not leave the study hall without signing out (exceptions for bathroom/grinds room).
  • All students have access to free Wi-Fi.  Students however must only use the Wi-Fi for educational purposes.
  • There is a 10 minute breaks every hour to allow student’s to prepare food, hot drinks, or to simply get a breath of fresh air outside.
  • To keep noise levels and distractions to a minimum, we ask students to try enter/leave study hall during breaks only.
  • Students are permitted to use the kitchen appliances for food and beverages during the breaks, provided that they clean up after themselves.

Discipline procedures:

  1. Verbal Warning to Student.
  2. Telephone call home to student’s parent/guardian.
  3. Expulsion from Study Hub without refund of fees.